Clothing designed for all your gear

As you become a more addicted experienced agent, and start carrying extra batteries, battery packs, spare cables, a torch for night operations, water for long operations, and perhaps even multiple devices in case one fails… carrying all this gear starts to become a bit of an issue, especially if you are Ingressing on foot, or carpooling as a group.

I’ve tried using backpacks and various other bags for Ingress, but all bags tend to have downsides.  Backpacks have to be taken off and put back on getting in and out of cars; and shoulder bags flop around and get in the way when running between portals.

Rather than carry a cumbersome bag, I have instead turned to Scottevest‘s range of clothing, which allow you to store all of your bits and pieces in the clothing itself.  There are a huge range of options for both men and women, ranging from simple t-shirts and polo shirts, with three of four hidden pockets in the seams, through to the $440 Limited Edition ALT-10M leather jacket with 22 pockets, or the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket (currently sold out, but more coming soon) with a crazy 36 pockets of all kinds distributed all over the jacket.  There are also various pants on offer (the cargo pants or zip-off travel pants may be particularly appealing to Ingress agents), and even hats with hidden pockets.

Pockets and features in the ALT-10M jacket – there’s even a place to put a drink bottle and a full-sized iPad!

Most of the Scottevest clothing range features an internal wiring system that allows you to wire cables through the clothing invisibly and internally.  I’ve found that this is especially suited to Ingress for wiring power cables through the jacket to an external scanner, while keeping the battery pack to which they are attached safely zipped in an inside pocket.

My favourite Scottevest garment for Ingress is my Tropiformer Jacket.  This jacket has sleeves that can be removed from and added back to the vest part, using magnetic clasps that allow the sleeves to be added and removed without removing the whole jacket.


It is fully waterproof, so is awesome for keeping all your gadgets dry in all kinds of weather; and even has a special transparent pocket which allows you to use your scanner without even taking it out of your pocket:


The Tropiformer Jacket is made of tropical-weight fabric, which makes it versatile and suitable for warm days (in vest mode) through to cooler spring or autumn days (with the sleeves attached).  The roughly equivalent style for women, with detachable sleeves, is the Kelly Jacket.


I will add, however, that it might take a bit of getting used to thse transforming jackets: the first day I wore my Tropiformer out, I tried to hold it by the sleeves to place it over the back of my chair in an upmarket restaurant with my wife.  The vest was loaded with tech gear, keys, and wallet, and the combined weight  pulled the vest part away to fall with a loud thud on the floor; leaving me holding just a couple of sleeves in the air and feeling very sheepish indeed!